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Jade Egg Magic with Amanda Testa


We're going to introduce one of our favorite tools for unleashing your sexual potential, and unlocking your feminine radiance.

This tool gives a tangible method for healing and integrating sexuality in the body in a holistic way, while also giving an easily understandable method for women to be able to shift their emotional relationship to their sexuality and body.

It creates an amazing practice to help women remove shame, guilt and fear around sexuality. It can help integrate trauma and judgement. 

Working with the practice also helps women to experience more pleasure in their bodies, feel better in their own skin, and enjoy more connection with themselves and their partners. 

Learn a little history of the Practices and some basic info on the Jade Egg, then Amanda will guide you through a basic energy practice without the egg. Jade Eggs and one on one sessions with Amanda will be available to purchase.

About your facilitator: Amanda Testa is a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and the founder of Find Your Feminine Fire. Amanda helps overwhelmed women reconnect to their sexuality with simple tantric techniques they can use to feel luscious in their bodies, feel more pleasure, take sex from a to do to something they look forward to, and to have more support and playfulness in their intimate relationships.

Amanda's methods blend the best in modern therapy and Neuroscience with the ancient wisdom of Taoist and Tantric practices to get all parts of the brain and body on board for transformation. For more information on Amanda, visit her online at

Thursday, March 8th, 7-9pm | 1400 Saulsbury St. Unit C

$15 pre-registered | $20 at the door | Limit of 12 Spaces Available

pre-register online here: