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Invoking the Mesopotamian Goddess Inanna: Class and Open Ritual

Inanna, also know as Ishtar, was the primary goddess of the Mesopotamian people who founded some of the first civilizations between the Tigris and Euphrates river. She was a goddess of love, compassion, magic, and power. Inanna was the prototype goddess for later civilizations who worshipped her equivalents Lilith, Hecate and Astarte. After months of research, I have come to know her personally through her poetry and rites. In this class, attendees will learn her through her mythology and role in early Mesopotamian society. In addition, students will learn the incenses, rites, and incantations that I’ve reconstructed from primary sources in archeology, anthropology and myth. This class is for anyone interested in connecting with this amazing goddess, regardless of experience in magic and the occult.

We will follow the class with a ritual invocation to Inanna using the incenses, rites, and incantations we learned. All participants are welcome to take part in the invocation and share together in the magic of the Lady of Largest Heart.

Please bring with you a few items of clothing to be donated after the invocation as an offering to Inanna, and a dish to share in our ritual feast.

About your facilitator: Samuel McCabe is a visual artist, educator, operative magician and Tarot reader. He has ten years experience with ceremonial magick in group and solitary settings. He is currently researching the origins of magick through grimoires, mythology and anthropology. Samuel teaches using a project-based approach that inspires creativity and independence in his students.

~This is an all genders welcome class and ritual~
February 9th 7-10pm
Sliding scale suggested donation of $10-$25
Space limited to 15


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