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The Red Tent: Inanna's Descent and Liz's Birthday Celebration

Our Red Tent Denver is a Sisterhood Tent of the Our Red Tent and Red Tent Temple Movement inspired by memories of the menstrual huts of our ancient past. Sisters of Denver, you are invited to join us in circle and ceremony each month on the New Moon to shed and reclaim, to support and be supported in a network of authentic relationships with your fellow womben.

The Red Tent is a safe space where Womben come to share the stories of their wombs- stories of our blood, birth, sexuality, love, heartbreak, sickness, health, celebration, grief, shadows, healing and recovery as we journey through this life in the female vessel. Come and share your skills, your wisdom, and share your heart in the Red Tent. We give our blood back to the Earth in the Red Tent. No longer do we hide our blood in bathrooms and trashcans, we reclaim the power of its non-violent nature and feed Gaia with it as she feeds us. With our blood giving, our brothers, fathers, and lovers will find no more that they need to spill each other's blood in violence. Gaia wants our blood and in the Red Tent, we make it sacred and feed her with our peace and healing intentions. We create community in the Red Tent. Too often in our culture, we are subliminally messaged with ideas that women can only bring each other down, that we must compete to be the most popular, the prettiest, the most successful. In the Red Tent, we let down our barriers. We honor our differences and know that we gather to release our judgements on how a woman is supposed to be. So step out of the box and into the circle! We can't wait to meet you!

This month we will each participate in ritual re-enactment of the Descent of Inanna into the Underworld. Inanna, one of the patron Goddesses of the Red Tent and Queen of Heaven and Earth in the Mesopotamian pantheon, sacrificed herself and facets of herself to save her beloved from Death and descended to the Underworld to rescue him. As we descend into the season of Winter, we honor her story and live it in our own lives through this re-enactment. Bring 7 items of jewelry, clothing, or object significant to you to represent the shed that Inanna made at the 7 gates of the Underworld.

Your facilitator is Red Tent High Priestess and Visual Artist Elizabeth Ogletree. We will be celebrating her 28th birthday this evening, so come ready to shed and then celebrate her life! We'll be going out after the red tent to continue the celebration, where male partners will be welcome to join. More details to be announced!

We will be taking professional videos and photos (by a woman videographer and photographer) of this event for promotional purposes. You will be required to sign a release form if you would like to be included in the video. You are not required to be in any photos or videos if you would not like to be filmed or photographed. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Cost of Event:
You can pre-register online through Mindbody at, or call 303-881-5533 to sign up over the phone.

Peace of Mind Massage, 1249 S. Pearl St.

What to Bring:
Pen + Journal, Water bottle, snack, and 7 items of jewelry, clothing or other adornments to represent your shed.