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Our Red Tent Denver New Moon Ceremony | Saturday Evening

Our Red Tent Denver is celebrating our monthly gathering in its new home, Moon + Womb Studio!


Welcome to the Red Tent and Our Red Tent Denver's monthly magical women's gathering!

This is our SATURDAY NIGHT Red Tent event.

We come together in celebration of the New Moon- a time women can acknowledge the cycles of their bodies, the Moon, and of life and death.

We gather in circle to honor each other and our stories at a time when the Veil is thinnest.

When we enter the Red Tent, we enter into a confidential, safe space as sisters. We invite you to our Denver community event, to share where you are in your life, to shed the old and reclaim the new, and to celebrate in ceremony with women in perfect trust and perfect love.

Come share a potluck with us at 5:00pm! Bring any dish that makes your heart and belly full with happiness. Water and other snacks will be provided. Peruse our womb wellness shop and speak with Ashley and Liz about our offerings.

If you have a tarot deck, astrological insight, face painting or henna supplies, etc. Please bring your wisdom to share! Come and meet someone new, learn something new, teach something.

We will begin circle at 6:00 pm, please arrive on time as to not interrupt ceremony. Doors will lock after 6:00pm. We will cast a circle together, honoring the 4 directions, mother, maiden, and crone, and participate in a group sharing circle and activity as it relates to the cycle of the moon. After ceremony is complete and the circle is opened, you are welcome to relax in the space until 10pm.

Please message or call Liz at 770-584-5666 or Ashley at 770-654-3824 if you have any questions or concerns. You can also email us at


1400 Saulsbury St. Unit C
Lakewood, CO 80214

Date and Time: Saturday, May 27th, 5-10pm

$10 for non-members, free for members

more information on membership available here:

A dish to share
Your journal and a pen
Tarot or Oracle cards
Ritual or Altar objects that are sacred to you
Your beautiful, authentic, goddess self!

More information on the Red Tent and what it means to reclaim your seat in the circle:

The Red Tent is a safe space where Womben come to share the stories of their wombs- stories of our blood, birth, sexuality, love, heartbreak, sickness, health, celebration, grief, shadows, healing and recovery as we journey through this life in the female vessel. Come and share your skills, your wisdom, and share your heart in the Red Tent.

We give our blood back to the Earth in the Red Tent, and reclaim its power from the soul sucking fear, shame and oppression taught to us by society. No longer do we hide our blood in bathrooms and trashcans, we honor the power of its non-violent nature and feed Gaia with it as she feeds us. With our blood giving, our brothers, fathers, and lovers will find no more that they need to spill each other's blood in violence. Gaia wants our blood and in the Red Tent, we make it sacred and feed her with our peace and healing intentions.

We create community in the Red Tent. Too often in our culture, we are subliminally messaged with ideas that women can only bring each other down, that we must compete to be the most popular, the prettiest, the most successful. In the Red Tent, we let down our barriers. We honor our differences and know that we gather to release our judgements on how a woman is supposed to be.

So step out of the box and into the circle! We can't wait to meet you!

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