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Munay Ki Initiation Series: The Harmony Rite

In this 3 week series, facilitator Kirsten Kelm will lead you through an initiation into 3 Munay Ki Rites to deliver energetic transmissions designed to help us develop a new architecture in our luminous energy field.

These Rites are given in this new form, as the next step in the evolution of humanity; to realign and attune the neuro-pathways in the body and truly shift human consciousness. These Initiation Rites, in essence, empower us to step up to the task of being light-workers for the Earth and all creation, during this amazing time of transition.

The Munay-Ki Rites assist the recipient to heal the past and become a person of wisdom and power.  As you experience these energy transmissions, you can feel the presence and sense the wisdom of luminous beings who have broken out of linear time and now dwell in sacred time. As you raise your level of vibration, these luminous beings will come to you and guide you.

January 4 5-8pm | The Harmony Rite
January 18 5-8pm
January 25 5-8pm

by donation, please arrive with time to center yourself before ceremony

December 7: The Harmony Rite:The harmony rite plants seven archetypes into your chakras: In the first chakra, you receive the archetype of serpent. In the second chakra you receive the archetype of the jaguar/puma. In the third chakra you receive the archetype of the hummingbird. In the fourth chakra you receive the archetype of the eagle/condor. Then, three “guardians” go into your upper three chakras. In the fifth chakra you receive the archetype of Huascar, the keeper of the lower world, the unconscious. In the sixth chakra you receive the archetype of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, keeper of the middle world (our waking world) In the seventh chakra you receive the archetype of Pachakuti, the protector of the upper world (our super-conscious). These archetypes are transmitted into your chakras as seeds. These seeds germinate with fire, and you have to perform a number of fire meditations to awaken them and help them grow. Afterward, they help transmute the psychic sludge that has built up in your light body, so your chakras can shine with their original light.

December 14: The Starkeeper Rite: The Starkeeper Rite anchors you safely to the time after the great change that is said will occur around the year 2012. According to lore, when you receive this Rite, your physical body begins to evolve into that of “homo luminous”. The aging process is slowed down, and you become resistant to diseases to which you were once vulnerable. After receiving this Rite, you may notice you no longer process events occurring in your life primarily at the physical level but rather, at the Spirit level. When you receive these Rites, you acquire stewardship of the time to come and for future generations.

December 21: The Creator Rite: (9) Creator Rite connects you to the light within yourself – the Divine Source within – so you can co-create your life. It awakens your God-nature and brings the cellular realization that Spirit is not only acting through you, but IS you, ineffable Pure Consciousness. This Rite was not available before 2006 on the planet. Although there were individuals who attained this level of initiation, and awakened their Christ or Buddha consciousness, it was not possible to transmit this Rite from one person to another, until now.

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About our facilitator: Kirsten first received the healers rite in September of 2008 and went on to learn how to transmit the 9 rites of the Munay Ki. In the summer of 2009, she had the opportunity to deepen her experience of the rites by traveling to Pisac, Peru where she received the final rites with native shamans in local sacred places and participated in despacho ceremonies. Since then, she has been working to grow her connection with the archetypes and energy of the rites through shamanic journey and fire ritual. Kirsten is very excited to be sharing these simple yet profound initiations with you and the greater community of Moon and Womb as supported by Liz Ogletree. The hope is that this energy will help you transmute difficult energy in your life into fertilizer to grow your true self.