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Community Croning Ritual

Crone... Old Woman... In November, we take time to gather in recognition of She Who Gains Wisdom Through Experience. It's a time to get real about what aging means for each of us, personally, no matter our physical age. What am I learning from my experiences? What are my fears about aging? Am I taking care of my mental and physical self as to live well into my future? How do I maintain balance with my limitations while continuing to live fully? Who are my Crone role models, and how do I honor them? We call on our Goddess-honoring lineage as we celebrate the Crone life phase in November. - Kim Ducket, Mother Tongue Ink

Join us Thursday, November 16th from 5-8pm for a special circle held by the Maidens and Mothers for our Crone sisters. Just as we are initiated into the Red Tent in Maidenhood, and into Motherhood with the birth of our babies, so too we celebrate the rite of passage into Cronehood. We honor our Grandmothers, Queens, Matriarchs and Crones as they move from menstruation and motherhood into menopause and beyond. Let the Priestesses of our Circle here at Moon + Womb indulge you, nurture you, support you in a ceremony of celebration.

In circle, we will:

Sing together songs celebrating the wisdom of the Crone

Decorate a community altar with images of our Crone role models

Welcome the honored guests to enter into Cronehood ceremonially through a physical symbol of the passage

Gift the honored guests with a magical gift as a symbol of initiation

Listen, Support and Honor the shares of each initiate and her unique Crone Wisdom & Experience

Come celebrate your passage in a ceremonial way and help the younger generations to connect and revive these ancient women's rites.

Energy Exchange:


Maidens, Mothers, and Crones are welcome to come! As a special gift to our guests of honor, all Crones will receive $5 off any purchase of $10 or more in our womb wellness shop.


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