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T-F 10-6 Sat 10-7


Red Tent New Moon Ceremony

Wednesday 5-8pm Saturday 5-9pm

$10 for non members, free for members


Visit Moon + Womb's shop for a selection of handmade and consciously sourced items to inspire womb wellness. Menstrual cups, sponges, yoni eggs, yoni steam herbs, natural beauty and body care, smudges, crystals, waist beads, books, locally made art and pottery are among our shelves.


Join us each month on the Wednesday and Saturday around the New Moon to celebrate our ceremonial gathering of menstruation and sisterhood, the Red Tent. Facilitated by Liz Ogletree, the Red Tent is a modern revival of the menstrual huts and moon lodges of tribal times, and a celebration of the experience of being a woman. Check the event calendar for more details on The Red Tent and our monthly gatherings.


Womb Grid Meditation

 Fridays at 11am




Join us every Friday morning at 11am in the studio for our Womb Grid Meditation. The Womb Grid is an energetic field connecting all women, past, present, and future, through the womb, the portal, the space where life is created, formed, and birthed. We honor the rise of the feminine and the realignment of the womb grid in the hearts of all women in this 30 minute meditation. Come and grab a pillow, sink into your womb space, and heal the grid with your presence.


Tribal Fusion Bellydance 4 week Series

w/ Chrystalline Marie

all levels, Tuesdays 7-8:30p


November 4-week Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Series where we’ll start with the basics of belly dance and build on what we learn each week. Each week, we’ll start with a yoga warm-up, and then we will cover the different types of belly dance movements in detail: undulations, shimmies, serpentine arms, spins and more. Each class will build upon the previous one, but drop-ins are always welcome! Come learn new moves and feel sexy in a supportive, body positive environment.

We’d like to especially invite the pregnant and postpartum mamas (and babies) to this dance class! Belly dance is a great way to work out during pregnancy. The movements of belly dance can help align the baby into ideal alignment for birth, and can also provide relief for the mama up to and even during labor. After pregnancy, belly dance movements can help re-align the spine and hips and tone the belly and reproductive organs.

About Chrystalline:
Chrystalline has been dancing since she was child, and belly dancing since 2007. She has 3 kids that were all born at home, and she danced through each of her pregnancies. Belly dance and yoga were crucial to rehabilitating after giving birth. She enjoys teaching and performing around the country. Chrystalline dances while spinning fire, and also has a pet snake she adds to performances now and then. Her favorite thing about belly dance is the connection and community it builds amongst women.

She is also a massage therapist, Reiki Master-Teacher, certified yoga instructor, and owner/herbalist at Pentacle Apothecary.

$15 drop in or $40 for 4 weeks


Women's Arts

See Calendar for details and pricing


Check our calendar for scheduled events featuring ways to get creative with other women in circle. Paint nights, knitting & crotchet circles, fabric dyeing, weaving, embroidery, beadwork, ritually created art and more, facilitated by Liz Ogletree, BFA.


Doula Services


Menarche Initiation

donation based rental

Liz Ogletree is currently in training with CAPPA to become a CLD. If you are in search of a doula for your upcoming birth experience, she is currently offering student rates as she completes certification. For more information, please contact us at moonandwomb@gmail.com. Moon + Womb will also be offering a monthly local doula networking meet-up. Check calendar for details.

For our sisters, daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends coming into their first blood, Moon + Womb can prepare a uniquely designed ritual to honor the initiation into womanhood. We work closely with you and the honoree to create a memorable event hosted in our studio space, with options for a casual gathering or an elaborate ritual. Please contact us in the form below for more information on planning a Menarche Initiation with us.

Are you a leader in your community in need of a space to host your gathering?   Do you create a product that you would like us to carry in our shop? We offer our space and invite collaboration within our community at accessible rates. Contact us below for more information or email us at moonandwomb@gmail.com.

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