The Womb Grid  by Liz Ogletree | On Display in our studio

The Womb Grid by Liz Ogletree | On Display in our studio

  It all starts with the circle  | One of our earlier gatherings in summer '16.

It all starts with the circle | One of our earlier gatherings in summer '16.

 Ashley and Liz

Ashley and Liz

Welcome to Moon+ Womb, a reincarnation of the moon lodges, women's circles and goddess temples that have existed since the dawn of wom|man|.

Moon + Womb was birthed out of the idea that women once honored the sacred rite of menstruation and gathered together to support, share and celebrate the journey from menarche, through menstruation, to motherhood, to menopause. Community was built in the shape of a circle: the shape of the first womb, never ending and all encompassing. Tribal leaders were born from a network of wise women who had seen many moons and knew the secrets and mysteries of the Earth. The red tent, moon lodges, and other forms of the women's circle in all cultures supported humanity for thousands of years.

At Moon + Womb, we dreamt of bringing that space back to the women of Earth, starting with our humble studio in Denver. A space women knew was already inside of themselves, but needed an outer reflection, a menstrual sanctuary in the limits of a city that no longer follows the rhythms of the Moon like their bodies do. Moon + Womb is that space.

Our Mission is for all women to know the sacredness of their blood, and the power of actively working together to restore the sisterhood. We provide the space for gathering and access to alternative menstrual and womb care and support in our studio and boutique.

Just like our moon time, we recognize that our lives are cyclical, and there are periods of shedding and reclaiming. We are on the journey in a woman's body, learning the ebb and flow and ready to share what we have learned, for all living beings on Earth to know peace again.

“In the native American tradition if you wanted to destroy a village you simply destroyed the Moon Lodge – the place where the woman gathered every new moon to intuit insight to govern the tribe. So it stands to reason that the fastest way to rebuild our global village is to re-instate the tradition of the Moon Lodge or Red Tent.” ~ Tanishka

Our Story

Liz Ogletree & Ashley Dupre, co-founders & facilitators

Liz & Ashley met in a small town in Georgia, after learning that they both would be moving to Colorado around the same time. Sparked by a shared yearning to heal wombs and birth babies, a friendship that spanned beyond time and space was found again. After moving to Colorado, Liz was guided by her Grandmother who had passed on many years ago of ovarian cancer to travel to Sedona to learn how to facilitate the Red Tent. Ashley and Liz's 2 month old kitten, Venus, joined, and the three made a pilgrammage to the red rocks of Arizona and explored how to bring the love and empowerment they felt sitting in a circle with 30 beautiful, diverse and open women back to Denver. Our Red Tent Denver was birthed, and in October 2015 the first circle was held in a small circular room atop the tower of an old Victorian in Denver. 5 women prayed together, feeling the rebirth of the way we hold space for each other. We called in together all the women that would be touched by the red tent, and since the first circle, a community began to form and take root, gathering for celebration on every New Moon. Ashley and Liz dreamed of providing a more accessible space for the women we had grown to know and love, and in March 2017, Moon + Womb opened its doors for that purpose. Moon + Womb is Denver's first space dedicated to our sacred monthly blood, where you can share, create, and shop comfortably and naturally, honoring your womb and our first womb, Earth.

Our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls are full of love for the sisterhood and for sharing what we have learned about ourselves when we made our menstruation sacred again. We hope to see you in the circle <3